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If you are a professional who spends hours in front of their computer at work, it can be very difficult to avoid lower back pain. This issue can get worse over time and will make it difficult to do the things you love. However, with new devices such as the Movi, you can convert your uncomfortable desk into a standing workstation that will alleviate the pain in your lower back.

Dr. John Tickell has likened the normal day of a working professional to taking a 12-hour flight. You start your day by commuting to work sitting in a car or train, then sitting at your desk for eight hours, and finally commuting back sitting as well. This causes what is called blood pooling. By standing at your desk, you are able to get your blood flowing evenly through your body. Associate professor Kylie O’Brien has also stated that sitting at her desk will actually engage your muscles and allow you to sway and move.

Since 2013, Movi has worked hard to create a team of creative and business professionals who can bring this idea to many workers all over the world. Fast forward to today and Movi has a fully functioning electric lifting standing table conversion prototype. With the launch of a Kickstarter, interested buyers have the opportunity to preorder a Movi desk before mass production begins in February of 2018.

Movi has been designed to lift up to 44 pounds. This is plenty of lifting capacity for a dual monitor setup with extra accessories. At 45 inches wide, you will have no trouble fitting all of your equipment easily on your Movi desk. With the use of Bamboo, Movi has become very environmentally friendly. By using bamboo, Movi can completely sustain all of their wood needs independently.

Movi is all inclusive to people of different body types. A memory saving feature will help you easily raise your desk to the perfect hight with ease by just pressing one button. Whether you are five feet tall or six feet four inches, this Movi desk will suit any height in between.

This desk it the future of healthy workplaces. If you are looking to take your individual workplace or office to the next level, this desk can be just the thing you need. Don’t wait, preorder a Movi today in order to have one reserved when they start shipping in April of 2018.