Never lose your wallet again! In this increasingly busy world, it can be easy to get distracted and misplace or lose personal items. With the Walli smart wallet, you can rest assured that keeping up with your wallet, along with all the important things commonly stored there, is a cinch.

Simply download the Walli app, then install and setup. When connected to your smartphone, the Walli app will send an alert to your phone that your wallet is no longer close. Forgot to put your credit card back in your wallet? No worries, the app will notify you that your card has been separated from its home too long.

This wallet even handles the opposite problem of misplacing your phone. Simply double tap the wallet and the phone will sound the alert.

The attractive design and durable material is sure to please the most exacting user. The Walli comes with two cash pockets, a hidden pocket and six card inserts.

Don’t worry about recharging the battery, either, as Walli has a coin cell battery that can last up to six months. When it is time for a new battery, just replace the battery conveniently located in the Walli’s hidden pocket.

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