If you are looking for a good reason to get back to serene water activities like kayaking/canoeing/sailing/swimming, you are on the right track. Want to do a backcountry canoe trip? That is a great way to spend your weekend in the spirit of adventures and glorious fun. But, why do people canoeing or kayaking? As you can bask your day by paddling across the calm water or river while enjoying the breathtaking scenery, that’s just life!

Want to keep your electronic dry and out of water? Here is a complete 100% water proof Helixot backpack that can submerge underwater.

Once you have chosen which water to go, there is always a common problem that pulls you back however. If you don’t already own one, most of the navigable rivers usually have canoe liveries where you can rent canoe and all the related gears, as well as transportation services. But if you do have canoe, it is way to big for hassle and inconvenient to bring it up and down. Here is a foldable canoe that literally fits into any small sedans.

MyCanoe is an origami-like foldable standard canoe that can be easily assembled under 10 minutes. It features high portability by down folding into a size of a carrying case, which allow users to bring it anywhere they go.

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Specification and Design

MyCanoe is a patented smartly engineered canoe that has a weight of just 52 lbs (23.6 Kg). When expanded, it turns into a 14.5 ft full sized canoe for 2 adults. It has a storage volume 14.5 cu. ft. with a recommended 400 lbs of load. By adding a pair of stabilisers, MyCanoe can then hold up to 750 lbs. Made with double layered polypropylene, MyCanoe is strong, durable and allows repeatedly folding up to 20 000 fold cycles. Even capsized, it will still stay afloat.

The assembling process is simple — installing the ribs, setting up the deck, floor board and seat, bind to fasten the webbing lock, and lastly attach the gunwales and your narrow boat is ready. You can learn more about the assembling demonstration via the link below to Kickstarter. The seats can be attached to either side of 4 ribs, creating 8 different seating positions.

Apart from canoeing, this portable canoe is perfect for fishing too. With the additional stabilisers and oar lock kit, you are free to take your origami-like canoe to the whole new level, lake or sea!