Pretty Link (pro) is one of the more popular wordpress plugins among internet and inbound marketers. Pat Flynn has highlighted it as one of his favorite plugins several times on SPI, and lots of people agree with him on Pretty Link being one of the best options for link shortening. Now there are already lots of alternatives on the market to Pretty Link and Pretty Link Pro like Ghost URL, Ninja Affiliate, etc. Now, Eric from MyThemeShops is out with a new alternative, named URL-Shortener.

URL Shortener should (according to Eric) be mre secure and faster. In addition to this, it’s free of charge. It’s been a while since I played around with these kinds of link shorteners, but URL-Shortener from MyThemeShop does seem like a very solid alternative to all the paid options out there.

Hi Jakob,

We released our URL Shortener plugin a few days ago and it is getting quite a good response from the audience.

It is a perfect replacement for Pretty Link plugin and our product has a lot more options as well.

URL Shortener is more secure than Pretty Link plugin and it is much faster.

Paid features of Pretty Link like the keyword replacement feature are included with our URL Shortener for free.

You can track how many people clicked on your short link as well.

You can add a nofollow tag to avoid passing linkjuice to websites you don’t want to or don’t trust enough. This option is especially useful for promoting affiliate links.

You can make the links open in a new window so you won’t lose any visitors when they click on your shortlinks.

It is free so you can start using it right now. Search for the plugin in Your WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add New or download it from here:

I hope you find the plugin useful and if you need any features in the future updates, do not hesitate to let me know.

Eric S.

So if you have been thinking about getting yourself a plugin to help you shorten all them links, why not give this one a go, before you pull out your credit card for one of the paid alternatives.