Texting, answering phone, watching video and looking at GPS readouts will certainly distract drivers attentions. In facts, using of cell phone while driving car have contributed to one of every four car accidents in the United States, which renders even the GPS unsafe to be used on road.

To ensure a safer driving journey, some companies have come out with smart car GPS gadgets to help you in the way while keeping you focused on the road.

Out of those, we have noticed a number of super cool transparent Head-up display (HUD) in the market. Seemingly futuristic, let’s dive in to see whether its worthy.

Head-up Display, or HUD, is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. In other words, it’s a small little see-through screen that projects the image onto the windshield to show you the speed navigation, GPS, fuel range, MPG, temperature gauges, etc.

Unlike the existing car HUD system on the market, neither your smartphone can do a good job, it could be too bulky, blocking vision or way too expensive. Unless you owned a luxury high-end car embedded with HUD system, which cost you another few thousand dollars, if not ten of thousand dollars, to have one installed. Cool for sure, but impractical for average person like me.

Navdy Head-up Display

One of the best HUD in the market. Navdy is a third party aftermarket HUD that offers a standalone addition packs with many features. Designed to be placed on any car model, Navdy is a fold-out box contains a small screen that sits right on the car dashboard. Different from other HUD, instead of projecting its image onto windscreen which hardly to see during day time, Navdy built with a transparent screen to give you a clearer projection display.

The displayed image is bright and crisp, projected into a comfortable on-screen distance intentionally to make the whole thing appeared in minimal at a glance without disturbing your vision.

Hand Gestures and Voice Recognition

Within your natural field of vision, it offers hand gestures and voice recognition which allows you to quick control off the navigation panel. That looks futuristically cool, imagine with just a hand swipe over or voice command, you are able to answer phone, send messages, skip a song and more.

Dial’s Strap

Some people still prefer to have physical button, thus Navdy provides users with a dial’s strap. which can be fasten on your steering wheel and you can scroll through the menu with your thumb to control what to show up on display while keeping your eyes on the road.


Navdy intuitively pairs with your iPhone or Andoid devices via bluetooth, you can also customise your display like text, message, calls, emails, music, etc. Navdy also provides offline maps, GPS, accelerometer and gyrometer.

However, good product doesn’t come cheap, this best in class HUD sells for $799 in price on their website. If you are interested, you can grab one of these from www.navdy.com.


If you feel like this is not for you, or perhaps, the slightly high in its price tag has driven your interest away. The good news is, there are a lot of alternative in the Amazon.com with the prices anywhere from 10$ to $800.

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