Links Management is a popular marketplace for links. They have been around for quite a while now and with around 200,000 monthly visitors, they are starting to make a great name for themselves. The marketplace is quite intuitive and easy to use. Signing up, depositing funds and purchasing links can liturally be done within minutes. They have however, had a lack of filters in place, in order to easily find specific links (specially blogspot caused problems for many users) – This has now been taken care of.

This is good news! I am surprised this wasnt implemented earlier, but better late than never. What I really like about links management is that you can purchase as little as one link at the time – with most other services (say like the ones listed over at the marketplace @ blackhatworld) you always buy in chunks of say 10 – 50 links. Now usually it does take more than one link to get the SERP going, but getting 20 links at the same time might just flag your site in way you want to avoide. So if you want to grab a few links here and there, give links management a go.