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Enter the virtual reality revolution with the CEEK Virtual Reality Headset. CEEK is compatible with all smartphones and includes a mechanism that can easily secure both small and large mobile devices. With a Bluetooth controller included, you will easily be able to navigate through content in virtual reality.

CEEK is all about providing comfort while experiencing first-class entertainment. The head straps are adjustable and the device includes room for eyeglasses. The headset is padded and lightweight, so you can focus on playing and watching without feeling discomfort. You are also able to adjust the interpupillary distance to a setting that is comfortable for you. If you want to use the headset with headphones, an opening in the headset allows for easy access to both the headphone and charging ports. Overheating and fogging while you are using virtual reality headsets can be frustrating, but the CEEK headset has a built-in ventilation system that prevents those problems from occurring.

What makes CEEK a great choice for a virtual reality experience? With 360 degrees of immersive 3D viewing, focal adjustment from 0 to 400 degrees, and a 105-degree field of view, you will feel like you are truly a part of the virtual world you are viewing. Be a part of the action in your favorite games, feel like you are actually in the stadium watching your preferred football team play, and enjoy a great concert as if you were a part of the crowd. With virtual viewing simulating a 1000 inch screen display, a whole new world of possibilities is opened up to you.

With the CEEK Visualize App, you will be able to watch your own videos and YouTube channel in virtual reality. Whether you are new to the world of virtual reality or you have owned other headsets in the past, the versatility, comfort, and quality of the CEEK Virtual Reality Headset will provide you with an immersive step into the world of virtual reality.