Nightly is a research-backed iOS and Android app that's designed to help you get a better night's sleep. The app combines over 25 years of scientific research into human sleeping patterns with an advanced algorithm to help you reduce unwanted wake-ups and limit bad dreams while sleeping.

Researchers believe that up to 30% of the world's population experiences some form of insomnia, which prevents a restful night's sleep. Nightly can improve the quality and length of your sleep by up to 35% by gently playing sounds before bedtime. Users watch a short video that is designed to be soothing and facilitate relaxation before choosing an alarm time.

Instead of waking you up at precisely the time you choose for this alarm, Nightly's algorithms will analyze your sleep patterns and select a time closest to your alarm that will result in you waking during the lightest cycle of your sleep period for a refreshed feeling every morning. Most morning grogginess occurs after waking directly from the deep sleep cycle.

Nightly's algorithms also analyze your sleep patterns to reduce the number of times you experience wake-ups during the night. The algorithm achieves this by playing calming sounds at specific moments. Researchers have suggested that this function can also help prevent bad dreams from invading your sleep time, which can result in a tense and restless sleep.

Every morning Nightly provides a summary of your previous night's sleep so you can get better insights into your sleeping habits and see whether or not the app is making a difference in how you feel when you wake up. It doesn't require a WiFi connection and works in Airplane mode, so you don't have to worry about it draining your battery overnight, either.

The app is available for free with a 14-day trial, but if you want to keep using it after the trial period expires, you'll have to pay $4.99 monthly or $35.99 per year if you'd prefer to make one up-front payment.