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Introducing the Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover, a new era of protection and privacy. Now, we all know that any camera in any device has a chance to be hacked, but did you know that even your microphone can also be hacked? This might be surprising to you and you might be thinking what to do to stop any hacker. Well, we have the solution for you. The Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover is the only way to guarantee your privacy by covering the camera or blocking your microphone when you are not using it. With a beautiful design which compliments the beautiful aesthetics of top devices, the Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover have a very clean design which are way better than putting a tape that will leave marks and will not look professional on your device.

So how do they work? The Nope Sound Blocker, with a micro electronic circuitry, forces your device to sense an installed mic. This turns off the device’s on board microphones which blocks out sound. Not to mention that it is simple to use, with a clean minimalist design, and works with laptops, desktops, and even your smartphone device. It also comes with a key chain holder that holds 2 Sound Blockers one on each side, that provides a convenient storage with a stylish soft silicone.

As for the Nope – Webcam Cover, a 2-part 3m tape, has a mechanism of a slider that runs along the top and bottom rails of its body. It is made from a combination of high grade Aluminum for the outer rim and a polymer sheet for the slider. With the worlds’ thinnest (0.3 mm) length of 15.6 mm, a width of 6.5 mm camera cover, smooth sliding system, works on almost all devices, is the perfect gadget for your protection and privacy.

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