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The all new Noria A/C unit is a high-powered cooling unit that boasts superior quality and easy installation, all within a user-friendly and chicly styled package. A simple yet elegantly designed unit, Noria quickly installs into any window and is fully functional within seconds.

Adjusting the temperature is straightforward and hassle free with its thermostat knob, and it’s petite yet powerful design allows it to take up less space so you can enjoy more of your view. To further customize your unit you should download Noria’s app, which is compatible for both iOS and Android, to make energy saving a breeze.

Noria runs at an average cost of $50 per month during summer months, making it cost effective as well as energy efficient. With fresh air functions that pull air in from the outdoors during cooler months, a “night mode” feature that mutes the brightness of its lights to allow you sleep better, and its lightweight design that allows for easy storage, Noria is an all-in-one package that goes beyond standard A/C units. When it comes to your comfort, ease, and reliability, you can’t top Noria.