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Now you can train your nose to be a wine expert with Wine Awakenings Master Kit. Presenting a comprehensive wine aroma kit scientifically formulated to improve your wine expertise without opening a single bottle.

This kit shows how to identify the finer characteristics of varietal wine just like an expert. Aroma kits are often used in wineries, liquor stores, fine restaurants and bars to help servers and trainers discover the subtle nuances of fine wines. Wine Awakenings Master Kit contains everything you need to build a complex olfactory library of vintage wine blends and pairings, just like your local sommelier.

Everything You Need to Become a Wine Expert

Included in the set are 60 of the most popular wine aromas from around the world. The scents are scientifically blended with natural oils and guaranteed to stay true for at least ten years. The kit makes it a snap to contrast and combine your favorite wine flavors and characteristics and discover new favorites.

The collection provides an assortment of authentic scents and odors commonly found in varietal wines. You can experience a diversity of sweet and fruitful fragrances such as Apple, Apricot, Raspberry and Peach, as well floral scents like Orange Blossom and Rose. You’ll also explore deeply aromatic, nutty and spicy notes, like Coffee, Earthy, Mushroom, Black Pepper, Leather and Oak/Cedar. It even has several wine fault odors to watch out for, like Corked, Nail Polish Remover and Maderized.

Wine Awakenings Master Kit also comes with a handy Wine Aroma Wheel to assist in your olfactory explorations, as well as educational and tutorial tools to help retain what you have learned. The entire collection is beautifully displayed and tastefully packaged for gift giving in Wine Awakenings’ distinctive black boxes. It would make an impressive gift for wine connoisseurs and novices alike.

Study on your own or have a few friends over for a wine aroma sampling. When you learn to distinguish a light and fruity Chardonnay from a zesty Pinot Grigio, or a musky and mature Cabernet Sauvignon from the bold spiciness of a Syrah, just about everyone will be impressed. All in all, Wine Awakenings Master Kit makes it easy to discover all the wines you truly love and never buy another bad bottle.