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The Numi Smart Pack is a unique travel accessory that could revolutionize your next adventure. Much more than a standard knapsack, it can keep you charged, organized and safe. The Smart Pack has a seven-watt solar panel on the back, able to charge a 22mA battery.

The battery is connected to two USP ports so you can charge two devices on the go. The battery pack can also be pre-charged by a wall socket when available. The battery pack is sufficient to charge your cell phone 11 times.

The Numi contains multiple compartments to keep your gear organized and dry. Not only is the bag waterproof, but it also has a hood you can pull out when walking in the rain. There are separate compartments for a camera, clothes and a laptop. Reflector tape on the pack increases visibility when walking in the dark.

The zippers are hidden to help thwart thieves, and there are several secure pockets to store your passport and other valuables. A young traveler designed the Numi Smart Pack to help other adventurers maximize their pleasure on the road.