If you’re looking for an online, decentralized (not to mention autonomous) environment with fully displayed price information and smart contract mechanisms of digital tokens and assets, Oasis.Direct is for you. Oasis.Direct is convenient because it’s a fully-decentralized means to change tokens. It’s software services that are autonomously accessed by users without any third-party action. Specifically, the autonomy stems from the fact that the software offers an intuitive user interface that will guide you to the Oasis access.

Oasis.Direct is convenient because, unlike other cryptographic systems and blockchain-based software systems, you don’t have to worry about wrapping or unwrapping Ether or Bitcoin—or other smart contract based tokens under the Ethereum Token Standard. You also don’t have to be aware of the current liquidity because you have access to the best price that’s offered on Oasis.DEX.

When you use Oasis.Direct, your transaction will be matched in real time with other Oasis.DEX trade orders. The fact that Oasis.Direct uses Limit Orders, rather than Market Orders, prevents trade slippage. The functionality of Oasis.Direct includes the ability to trade without any maximum size limit. And there are plans for future software releases to include the option for users to set their limit manually according to their personal preference.

The other fascinating feature of Oasis.Direct is that, upon the first time you trade two transactions, you’ll enable confirmation of the pair from a new Ethereum address. Once that address is enabled, all subsequent trade transactions you make will only need one Ethereum transaction confirmation.

While there are inherent risks associated with blockchain-based financial transactions, Oasis.Direct is powered by on-chain Smart Contracts—including transaction confirmation. You can even speed up the confirmation, depending on the current state of the blockchain. Easily select the amount that you want to transact and click confirm.

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