In recent months, there have been a couple of very interesting opportunities for inbound marketers; namely to work with the team behind authority hacker, as well as the team over at niche pursuits. Now, empire flippers is opening the doors for applicants who are ready to produce rockstar podcasts and youtube videos on the topics of entrepreneurship and the digital nomad lifestyle.

empire flippers looking to hire

We are currently looking to hire two contractors to collaborate with our marketing team.

You will be working in tandem with us to help grow our marketing reach through either a podcasting or video role. Below, you will find information about roles that goes into more detail. Before we dive into that, we will cover what BOTH roles have in common.

We are looking to build out a new podcast called The Deep Dive, and a new YouTube show we are calling The Digital Journey, both will be operated underneath the Empire Flippers brand, interviewing different types of digital entrepreneurs.

Empire Flippers Marketing Contractor Role

Compensation: Roughly $1,000 per month

Output: Weekly podcast or video, 4 times per month

There are more details on the job ad over at empire flippers. You can read the whole thing here.

If you are looking for a chance to get a proper online gig, and got a bit of experience with podcast or video production along with some knowledge on the topics of entrepreneurship, inbound marketing and the digital nomad lifestyle, this might be for you.