Ever heard of the “five seconds rule”? It means you pick up and eat the food that has been dropped on the floor (within 5 seconds). The truth is, the food is already contaminated the spit-second it touches the floor. And, if you get sick after eating it, it means that the food contains stronger germs, or vice versa.

When taking care of family, the first thing that parents always come in mind is personal safety and hygiene. Believe it or not, hygiene-related diseases is much more deadly than road crashes. You may take this lightly, but think about it, you could have once or a few times involved in a road crash, but everytime you or your family members had a flu, it’s hard not to get infected even with proper cares. Furthermore, there are myriads of bacteria, viruses and fungi than you can count, most germs don’t harm you when your immune system is up and running, but when you get injured or sick (vulnerable), a common flu virus can actually kill you.

Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. Beside of personal hygiene, how do we ensure the critical places in our house is in minimal or free of germs, if possible? For example:

  • The kitchen — sink, cutting boards, refrigerator (esp. area with uncooked food), countertop, etc.
  • Knobshandles and switches
  • Makeup bag
  • Bathroom — shower tub, drains, faucets, towels and toothbrushes.
  • Laundry
  • Pets – bowls, etc.
  • Personal items — cell phones, keys, money, etc.
  • Others — keyboard, mouse pad, remote control, sneakers, and more.

Sometime, harsh chemicals from disinfectant sprays are not suitable at certain jobs (i.e. water and food). In 2017, here we have a latest smart ball to help you with that.

Orb – The Germs Killing Ball

The Orb is a ping-pong size’s ball that helps to disinfect item, food and areas with UV light. It targets to kill germs like bacteria, algae, fungi and mold, and brings your environmental hygiene to the next level. Unlike UV-C (100nm – 280nm) and UV-B (280nm – 315nm), The Orb uses 405 nm low intensity UV-A light which is safe to human use, while still effective at killing microbes.

The Orb is lightweight, portable and waterproof. The light goes in all directions and is suitable for food and water containers.


The ball designs to be small and lightweight so that to fit into the inside of most product. The spherical shape and water resistant characteristics allow a wide variety of usage such as the fruit in the fridge or under the water. For example, your murky humidifier is a great breeding ground for bacteria and mold, simply throw The Orb™ in and worry less about your family.

Why not use disinfectant sprays instead?

Disinfectant sprays could be useful in some scenarios, but not on food, drink and related product. Also, most disinfectant produced by light toxic chemicals which may cause skin irritation or respiratory problems, especially on children. Furthermore, an over-use of biocide raises the concern of chemical-resistant superbug (due to mutation), and makes it extremely hard to kill even on high concentration of strong chemical agents.

Power settings and App

The Orb™ does not replace the normal washing, but act as an additional layer of protection against germs infection. Via the mobile app, you can choose from 3 power settings — gentle, medium and strong. Depends on the power you chose, it lights up for a few minutes in every, or alternative, hours. Currently, they are adding new features such as choosing the product (i.e shoes, humidifier), customise duration and frequency, battery alert and so on. Also, it can be used as a stand-alone product without the app.

For battery, each full charged lasts for about 1-4 days depending on the power settings chosen.

Price and Discount

The Orb™ is now available for just 25$ from their “absurd early bird” perk. It is expected to be selling at $129 for future retailing price, while you can enjoy up to 80% of huge discounted price. If you’re interested, visit the link below to their official Kickstarter product campaign for more.



  • Disinfect food, water and related product
  • Low intensity UV-A 405 nm — safe to human
  • Water-proof
  • Small, lightweight and portable


  • Does not replace normal washing
  • Prolonged exposure may cause uncomfortable/harmful to living organism (human, fish, pet, etc)

Final Verdict

a cool gadget that looks awesome and helps you live a healthier live.