You’ve heard about the cryptocurrencies in the news: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Litecoin, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, and others, but you don’t know how to invest. But now you can invest totally free and not lose a single cent with AltCoin Fantasy. You might even win real cash, just for playing.

What is AltCoin Fantasy
AltCoin Fantasy is a free simulation that allows investors to learn about crytocurrencies and how they work. It’s a great tool for someone to learn how to invest in crytocurrencies before trying investing in real life with real money. Players play with virtual money, and the highest earners win real Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, or other crytocurrency for playing. It’s fun and free. Just create an account and sign in.

How AltCoin Fantasy Works
After you create a free account, you’ll start out with 100,000 USD in virtual money. You’ll need to register in a contest before it starts or one that is already going. During the contest period, you’ll make trades in cryptocurrency. You’ll have a choice of more than 1400 types of cryptocurrency. You’ll need to check your trade status during the contest period to keep track of your standings. At the end of the contest, all holdings are reconverted into virtual US Dollars and tallied up. Winners are those who amass the most money win prizes in the form of real cryptocurrency.

Free to Play and Free Prizes? What’s the Catch?
Free to play and free prizes? What’s the catch? There is none! Cryptocurrency companies donate the winners’ prizes. You may have to agree to be on a marketing list of the company donating the prize, but you can always unsubscribe.

What You’ll Need for Your Winnings

You’ll need a wallet for your cryptocurrencies when you win them, which means you need to sign up for a Coinbase Account. Sign up for your Coinbase account and when you register for AltCoin Fantasy, you’ll be asked for the Coinbase account.

You’ll be “In the Know” in the World of Cryptocurrencies!

Once you sign up for AltCoin Fantasy, you’ll be subscribed to our weekly newsletter which highlights all the goings on when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You’ll be up to date on all the cryptocurrency news, so you’ll be informed when you’re ready to make your next investment.

Sign up today for AltCoin Fantasy and learn how to invest in cryptocurrency.

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