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If you spend time in a noisy environment and want to protect your hearing while still being able to listen to music or a podcast, PLUGFONES LIBERATE 2.0 is the solution. PLUGFONES combine the benefits of earplugs and earbuds. Since ears come in many sizes and shapes, four pairs of earbuds are included. Two pairs are silicon while the other two are foam. Depending on which plug is used, a noise reduction rating of 23 or 26 dB results.

PLUGFONES are Bluetooth enabled with a range of 33 to 100 feet. Controls are provided to increase or decrease volume and pause and play music. These headphones also address the many issues of talking on a cell phone in a noisy environment. PLUGFONES have a built-in microphone that identifies and eliminates environmental noise so that your caller can clearly hear you. A fully charged battery will provide 12 hours of use. Just five minutes recharging will give an additional two hours of play. PLUGFONES come in both black and blue versions.