There is no shortage of tools to help you plan, prioritize, and optimize every single aspect of your day to day tasks, in your personal and professional life. One of my recent favorite apps to help me manage my contacts is CardHop. I also got high expectations for Coda. Today, I will take a closer look at a new and exciting project management app, Plutio

Under the right circumstances, some business management and productivity apps can save you time and effort. Unfortunately, such a large number of these apps exist that finding good ones, and getting them to all work in concert, can be an almost impossible task. This is where the revolutionary business management application called Plutio comes into the picture.

Plutio helps freelancers and small teams to centralize all of their business management functions in one place. This saves time, effort, and ultimately helps our clients to improve their bottom lines. Whether you need assistance with your tasks, projects, invoices, contacts, or management functions, Plutio has something to satisfy your needs.

what can you do with Plutio

mobile and desktop apps

Plutio enables you to virtually take your business with you anywhere that you go. Whether you run one business or many, you can monitor and manage all of them from your single Plutio account. This capability includes real-time project activity feeds that lets you visually monitor and control all or your ventures. Plus, you can take advantage of our 24-hour online and phone support-specialists who stand ready to assist you in using Plutio.


Plutio automates many routine business task-management functions. Users can set up primary business related tasks and create automatic checklists to ensure that jobs get done. The included centralized description file allows our clients to create detailed descriptions about each task, and also to display these comments to specific audiences. 


Plus, the Plutio tasks program allows users to set and monitor deadlines, automate routines tasks, and delegate jobs to specific people.


Plutio's Projects feature allows our clients to create project overviews for each of their business ventures. This birds-eye view makes it easy to track the ongoing status of different projects and alter workflow timetables as needed. The Project program also allows for direct file-uploads and private communications between project members.


The Plutio Invoice feature makes it easy for small business owners to link up with a number of payment systems. These include:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Bank Accounts

Plus, Plutio allows users to conduct business in multiple currencies, automatically track invoices, and keep an eye on receivables.


The Plutio platform makes it easy for users to access a complete, centralized list of their business contacts. Each Plutio contact includes a dedicated profile that includes specific, personalized information about the related contact person. Plus, the Contact function includes a universal calendar with information about planned tasks, ongoing projects, invoices, and contacts.

Plutio has all the tools to help individual operators and small teams succeed in today's demanding business environment. Available as an app for desktops/mobile devices and online, Plutio gives users access to the power of centralized business management.