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Polar Seal Heated Tops were designed to address an issue we’ve all faced countless times: You’re wearing a sweater indoors, but you still feel chilly. Putting on another layer will make you too hot, though, so you’re left feeling uncomfortable. The Polar Seal Heated Top eliminates this issue with its patented internal heating zones, which allow you to warm up without having to add additional layers.

The Heated Top from Polar Seal resembles other fashionable performance sweaters currently available on the market. What makes Polar Seal’s product unique is that the Heated Top has an internal heating system that can be activated by pressing two buttons that are stitched onto the left wrist of the sweater.

By pressing these buttons, you can activate the patented heating zones that are embedded in the fabric of the sweater. One heating zone is located on the upper back part of the sweater, while the other heating zone is located on the lower back of the sweater. Pressing the correct button enables you to activate one or both of these heating zones, giving you the exact amount of warmth you want.

Polar Seal has designed the heating system so that it can be set at three different levels — low, medium, and high — further allowing you to customize how warm you want the heat zones to become.

Like other types of smart clothing, the Heated Top from Polar Seal eliminates a common problem that we’ve all encountered courtesy of technological innovation.