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Whether your goal is enjoying a healthier lifestyle or losing weight, the Prismcup can take your efforts to the next level. The medical community has emphasized the value of staying hydrated, and many people are monitoring the amount of water they drink. The Prismcup not only tracks the amount of liquid but also calculates the calories, sugar, and caffeine in the fluid.

The tumbler contains a light sensor that measures the reflection on the infrared spectrum of the liquid. A database of beverages is used to determine the number of calories, sugar, and caffeine contained. If the sensor cannot identify the liquid, the user can input the name. In the future, the sensor will recognize it. If the drink is not a commercial product, the user can input the recipe and the application will calculate the values and add it to the database.

Given that a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi includes 250 calories and 69 grams of sugar, it’s easy to underestimate how many calories beverages contain. Tracking your exercise with a Fitbit motivates users to meet their movement goals. Similarly, the Prismcup can help you meet your hydration goals.