Promotehour 2.0 is an application designed with entrepreneurs in mind. It’s a program meant for giving your venture massive PR coverage to a list of only the most relevant media outlets, taking all of the guesswork and time out of pitching your ideas. Best of all, the list is absolutely free; agencies would charge you an astronomical premium.

Promote 2.0’s media outlet list is well over 1100, meaning you’ll have a big impact and a great start to your newest startup campaign. Get the word out there with a simple application that’s easy to navigate; pitching is just a click away.

All links are provided to media outlet sites, where to pitch your idea, and the outlets’ recognizable icons are right there on display, all from your smartphone device. The team at Promotehour 2.0 is constantly updates and making the app better and better, making pitching your startup more convenient than ever.