Gadgets like the sturdy, sleek Aupalla 21HR fitness tracker add some of the newer technologies in a useful, new way to keep their operation steady and efficient. Offering a large database of fitness and options to turn off or silence notifications, this is a neat, new item that will work for anyone who needs a little of everything.

The on-board, full day activity tracker includes a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker that add another dimension to the device. The heart rate monitor integrates and stores 1-second intervals during workouts and 5-second intervals away from a workout.

For your detailed data and progress, 7 days of minute to minute information about your activity is stored, and daily totals for the previous 30 days, as well. This can help greatly in being able to fine-tune your training or see your progress if you’re new to fitness tracking tools.

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21 sports modes will allow you to have a large range of activities to choose from, and their respective, creative icons that are easy to see on the OLED touchscreen add some flair. For some of your fitness modes that you need to adjust to a fine point, the GPS tracker lets you carve out your most enjoyed running trail or hardcore training route.

All your gadgets can be tracked a little easier, with the a phone finding feature that sends alerts to the comfort of your wrist. Other handy phone-support includes camera remote control for selfies or other fun photos, calendar, call and text notification, and Bluetooth to connect to your other devices.

Along with your exercise choices or unexpected weather, the Aupalla 21HR has a water resistant build to 50 meters or about 164 feet, and for low-maintenance additions, the 5-day battery life adds to the efficiency of the device.

The Aupalla 21HR will fit a range of wrist sizes from 5.5 to 9.3 inch adjustment, and it comes in black, blue, green, purple and red.