The Magnum 2. Sound cool, right? So what is it? The Puri5 Magnum 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer pen. This means that instead of oils or concentrates, you can use regular old herb in the vaporization chamber.

Vaping can be incredibly beneficial when compared to standard combustion (smoking). The major benefits are primarily for your health, as the heated air is less damaging to your lungs than actual smoke. This makes vaping ideal for those with respiratory illnesses or otherwise sensitive lungs.

Another benefit is that the smell is far more discreet, if not gone altogether. This makes for a convenient and stealthy way to consume your herb of choice, at home or in public.

Puri5 - a focus on dry herb vaporizers

The Magnum 2 retails for only $150.00, comparatively low in contrast to some of its competitors. The vapor chamber is an extremely high-quality ceramic oven, an industry standard. With quality internals comes quality on the outside as well. It ships with a nearly indestructible Pyrex mouthpiece, anodized aluminum body, and a high-quality OLED display. Not to mention its Vibrational settings, temperature settings ranging from 300-439 degrees Fahrenheit, and highly adjustable airflow.

It also comes with a removable and replaceable 18650B 3200mAh battery. There is a standard USB charging port, allowing for convenient charging with almost any USB cord. In addition to this battery the standard package also includes one USB cable, one packing tool, one cleaning tool, three screen filters, an additional mouthpiece, a mouthpiece cover, and a user manual. There is an option of purchasing an additional micro water filtration system that fits right on the edge of the pen, allowing for even smoother hits and cooler airflow.

All in all, the Magnum 2 is a serious competitor for even some of the more expensive vaporizers on the market. If you’re looking for a healthy, discreet, and efficient way to consume your dry herb, then the Magnum 2 just may be for you.