While email marketing continues to be a dominating factor in the inbound marketing space, it's no secret that people are sick and tired of never ending pop-ups. Not only that; people are also very used to seeing them, meaning them ultimately become less and less effective.

Enter Push Notifications. You probably know what this is, from all the apps you got on your phone. But push notifications isn't limited to app developers. You can easily embed this on your website, allowing your visitor to opt in via push notifications. This way you will be able to ping them, directly on their screen (mobile and desktop), and bring visitors back to your site.

push notifications


  • ping directly on screen (desktop and smatphones)
  • no need for an email client
  • no spam issues
  • much more simple than an autoresponder setup
  • get started free of charge
  • ping directly on screen (desktop and smatphones)


  • still in its infancy
  • lack of features
  • notifications gone after action
  • too novel

I am really surprised more people haven't jumped on to this yet - specially in the internet marketing space. Discussions on how to increase your opt-in rate is a hot topic and it seems like people are willing to do anything these days to get an email subscriber and yet very few people use push notifications. Add to this, that the CTR from a push notification has been shown to be much better compared to that of emails. Why people aren't all over this is a mystery to me. I have seen this enabled on ViperChill and CloudLiving, but that's pretty much the only ones (in this industry) I can think of. What about everyone else?

In order to understand the lack of push notification usage, I sent an email to a bunch of guys, asking why they aren't using this feature. All of them do collect email opt-ins, so I believe push notifications should be a great addition as a way to reach their audience. 

Surprisingly, several of the ones I contacted, don't know what it is, how to get started, or simply haven't bothered to give it a closer look. Around half of the ones I contacted didn't respond to my mail (yeah, this is a new site so I didn't expect much). I did, however, get one interesting reply; namely a reply from Gael over at AuthorityHacker:

Gael from Authority Hacker



Hey Jakob, we are actually testing it on Health Ambition at the moment, so if it works out we will roll it out on all of our sites ?

So far, push notifications are awesome. The subscription rate is about 1.5x higher than usual email pop ups and the click through rate is also 2x higher when we send messages. Overall, I think it will be a game changer for publishers and I would not be surprised to see some of them drop their email list in profit of push notifications.​​​​​

If you are reading this Gael, Thank you.

Adam from BloggingWizard was also kind enough to send over some thoughts on the use of Push Notifications:

adam blogging wizzard



I have a few gripes which have put me off trying them:

On a personal level, I find them annoying. Sure, the marketer in me appreciates how effective they can be, but as a reader of blogs who already use push notifications, I would never subscribe. 

I have far too many notifications on my phone, and on my desktop. And I'd prefer to subscribe via email.

The other issue is that they are somewhat of a novelty at the moment. It's the shiny new object people are raving about, but how effective will they be once the dust settles?

Only time will tell, and while I have my reservations I am still planning to test them soon.

Valid points, but I do look forward to see the details from these tests. Something tells me, it will be well worth it.

But how do you get started with push notifications? Its' easy! Extremely easy and it takes you just a couple of minutes to get going. There are a bunch of different services on the market that make things very easy for us. Here are 6 services that will allow you to get started with push notifications - cheap and fast (no affiliate links).

push engage

push notifications with push engage

Just add a snip of code to your website and you are ready to offer push notifications. There is no need for HTTPS and the pricing is very competitive. You can have up to 2,500 subscribers for free! After this, the next plan is $29 /month where you can have up to 10,000 subscribers.

push crew

pushcrew push notifications

This is the service I currently use. I am thinking about switching to PushEngage, but so far this is where I am. PushCrew is extremely easy to use and just like Push Engage, they also offer a free plan but only up for 500 subscribers.


roost push notifications

Another new push notification service I stumbled upon over at product hunt. There is no pricing on the page, so if you want to join in, you need to contact them. I did that; the price seemingly starts from $50/month, but they seem to be open for discussions.

It works in a similar and simple fashion to PushEngage and PushCrew - paste a snip of code into your website, similar to what you do with google analytics code, and you are ready to send push notifications.

push monkey

push notifications with push monkey

Push Monkey is different from the above-mentioned services in that you pay per notification and not per subscriber. First of all, you can sign up for a free trial.

The starter package will allow you to send notifications to an unlimited number of subscribers, but a max of 10,000 notifications / month; this comes as a low $2.5/ month paid yearly or $3 monthly.

push assist


With PushAssist you create a free account that allows you to send notifications up to 3,000 subscribers. If you need more than this, you can add the silver package giving you space to 15K subscribers for $29/month.

push woosh

push notifications with push woosh

PushWoosh seems to be the most advanced service of all the ones highlighted in this post. The service comes with a wide range of different features for the paid plan.

You can get a free plan which allows you to send unlimited push notifications but with a limited set if features. The paid plan named Developer, will cost you a total of $50 / month, and give you access to a whole range of different features.

As you can tell, it is easy to get started with push notifications for free. Although I´m currently with PushCrew, I would recommend PushEngage if you want to go for a free option. If you are ready to spend some money on this, PushWoosh seems like an awesome option!​

Either way, I see no reason not to get started with push notifications! I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you using push notifications and how have your results been? If not, why not?