The QLYX smartphone mount for cars is designed to make your daily commute a breeze by putting everything you need to know about your journey right at your fingertips. QLYX sits quietly inside your car, holding your phone for you when you drive.

However, the magic happens once you connect or disconnect your phone from the device using the app. It can collect driving statistics about each of your trips, automatically drop a parking pin, so you never lose your place in a gigantic parking complex, or auto-launch any apps you specify. It also saves a history of your road trips and showcases the weather forecast and traffic predictions based on Google Maps.

QLYX phone mount

the details are in the app

The driving statistics can give you a better idea of how well you drive, while features like automatically offering directions to specified routes on work days and fun days give you the freedom to not worry about planning your route ahead of time.

QLYX is a magnetic smartphone holder that uses a powerful magnet to keep any smartphone secured to its platform. The companion app that contains all of the information the QLYX collects is available for both iOS and Android and each QLYX comes with two ways to mount the device.

userfriendly and stylish

You can use the included adhesive strip on your dashboard to keep the holder in place, or you can use the included air vent attachment to keep the QLYX attached to the air vents in your car for easy display. The air vent is also a good option for the ones using QLYX in a leased / rented car. Unlike Henry Ford’s Model-T, the QLYX is available in more colors than just black. You can choose from pearl white, silver, rose gold, gold, and of course, matte black.

The Q plate that is attached to the back of the phone to hold it to the magnet also comes in the same color as the device. It is only 0.5mm thick, so it doesn’t interfere with your device’s case at all. In fact, it can be placed between the case and the phone, so it is completely hidden. The plate is metal, but it does not interfere with the NFC signal of your phone, so you can still use contactless payment terminals with services like Apple Pay and Google Play.

Some of the supported apps available at launch include Waze, Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps, Uber, iTunes, Apple Maps, Google Play Music, Audible, YouTube, and Vimeo. You can set any of these apps to auto-launch once the phone is connected to the mount. Battery life in the QLYX is expected to be two years of moderate usage per day and up to a year of heavy usage per day. Moderate usage is defined as four hours daily while heavy usage is eight hours daily.

I have been using QLYX for a while now and so far, I am very pleased! Get yourself a QLYX, right here.

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