On the hottest summer days, all you really want to do is sit as still as possible and allow the glorious air conditioned air to keep you cool. That sounds great, until you receive your utility bill and have to pay for all the cool air. Then, it seems more like a nightmare, instead of a dream. With the Quilo Fan, though, you can stay nice and cool in the summer, and cool-headed when you receive your utility bill.

The Quilo Fan uses evaporative cooling technology to cool a room up to 10 degrees. You might say, “but my regular fan can cool my room up to 10 degrees, too.” However, because the Quilo Fan uses evaporative cooling technology, it doesn’t simply simulate cooling through air movement but actually lowers the air temperature through energy conversion. Running at around 25 dB, it is perfect for use in bedrooms, home offices, or anywhere else you need it to be as quiet as possible. The reservoir indicator light is also a pleasant amber color, making it perfect for use as a nightlight.

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Not only that, but you don’t have to put the Quilo Fan away once the Summer season is over. The machine’s water reservoir, when used on a low setting, can act as an efficient humidifier, preventing dry winter air from drying out your skin and hair. This multi-tasking ability sets it apart from uni-taskers, such as fans and humidifiers, that take up extra space, and don’t provide any extra functionality.

The Quilo Fan is also quite compact and easy-to-store. Since it’s using evaporative cooling technology instead of a condenser like a traditional air conditioning unit, the Quilo Fan can be easily stored in those transitional seasons when a simple open window might be all you need to feel comfortable in your home. It even has a removable power cord to ensure the easiest-possible storage.

All-in-all, the Quilo Fan provides great convenience, ease-of-use, and economical cooling and humidifying features. All that’s left to determine is just how many you’ll want to buy.