Refly is a new mac app that will help you get that blog post written. The team behind refly calls it a smart editor – I will be testing it today and I can’t wait. All us mac users have been left alone with no SEO focused tools, for tool long, but this is seemingly starting to change (verrrryyy slowely…) 

Refly is an app that connects to your wordpress blog (and facebook page, and medium account), allowing you to write directly in the app, and post it up to your wordpress blog automatically, with no need to log in to the wordpress control panel and do the manual posting. This naturally means you won’t be able to do all the fancy plugin actions you can do from within the wordperss control panel, but that might just be a good thing (in my opinion). There are however, some other benefits to using Refly such as the ability to set goals, find synonyms, track keyword usage, etc. 

As mentioned above, I am yet to give this app a go. If you need access to all your third party plugins, shortcodes and what not, this might not be for you – but if you, like me, want to focus on content, this might one of the first awesome seo focused apps for mac – oh, and it’f free of charge. What’s not to like?