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Are you tired of your old USB cable and Flash Drive? Here comes the Symlis Sparrow & Swallow technology that has brought a new, beautiful experience into our lives.

Sparrow & Swallow are multi-functional gadgets that provide you with a Micro USB to USB cable. The device can function freely and effectively within a complex environment. To increase efficiency, the SmartOn Technology enables the gadget to automatically switch from USB cable to card reader mode by merely folding and unfolding.

When folded the Sparrow and Swallow incorporates into micro SD card reader. The SD card reader has completely substituted your old flash drive with impressive features. It can support up to 128G micro SD card. Therefore, you can move most of your large files like movies, music or photos from your phone to the SD card. Their chip is MFi Certified by the Apple Company. However, the memory card is not included and need to be purchased separately.

Also, the Symlis Sparrow provides you with an efficient way of sharing files on a multiple platforms using On-The-Go (OTG). The OTG allows your smartphone or tablet to become a host device to share data with other peripheral hardware’s like PC’s, other smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the USB OTG allows the host device to communicate with such gadgets like mouse, keyboards or flash drives. The communication will happen as long as there is enough power output provided to the peripherals gadgets by the host device. Consequently, you can use the OTG to free up your phones memory space. The free up can be done by saving large files or creating backup files in your Sparrow to access it later. However, the Swallow does not have the OTG features.

When unfolded the Symlis Sparrow and Swallow turns into a charging and sync cable. The cable provides you with a high current carrying charging service for your iPhone, iPad or tablet. The charging and sync can be done anytime from the USB port.

The Symlis Sparrow & Swallow is keychain-friendly. Its free design is easily portable anywhere at any time on your keychain.