Rubber, as one of the toughest and elastic material to be made into various useful household product, such as gloves, shoes, balls, tires and many more. Harvested from rubber tree in the form of latex, rubber has a lot of useful applications in combine with other materials. Thanks to their stretchy and water-proof characteristic, rubber at the same time, is very hard to decompose naturally. Similar to plastic, but better, tons of rubber-made product ends up in the landfill and can take up to 80 years to break down completely.

The disaster doesn’t just stop there, pills of rubber waste can make a huge impact on environment too. For example, it increases the fire risk, breeding ground for pest, toxin release to the environment and more.

To solve this, we can either make it in such a way that to withstand longer period of time, or more bio-degradable in nature. The existing solution to this problem however, is to recycle them. But, wear or old tyres doesn’t retain their useful characteristic anymore, therefore most of the tyres are then grinds into bits to serve as fuel energy in cement manufacturing industry.

Here we have a creative way of helping our environment as well as getting a useful item for men.

Revival Tire Belt – Unique, Durable, and 100% Recycled Belt

Revival Tire Belt, as its name suggest, is a belt made by recycled car tyres. It’s an one-size-fits-all versatile belt made 100% from recycled car tyres and recycled zinc alloy (buckle). It has two styles of wearing simply by reversing it for either the wear tread pattern or the classic rubbery look. The belt has no belt holes, it features an easy slip-and-click mechanism.

Depending on how you use it, a normal car tyre lasts for about 3-4 years, or 50 0000 miles in average and carrying thousands pound of load at its service. The fact is that the end-of-life-tyres are still very durable for many applications, including holding your pants up. The company Revival taking advantages of these tyres and bring those discarded old tyres a second chance of life. At the same time, helping our planet earth for a better and cleaner future. Forget about those expensive branded belts, the Revival Tire Belt is affordable and strong, more importantly, it highlighting that you’re supporting eco-friendly product and bringing the priceless value to the society.

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For some of you who may worry about if the belt is dirty, each Revival Tire Belt have gone through trimming and sanitisation process to make sure it’s clean before deliver. Also, each belt is unique as its tread patterns, while the other side gives you a smooth rubbery of unpatterned look.

Price, Discount and Warranty

Revival Tire Belt is now on Kickstarter for just $25, and you can save up to 38% discount off their future retailing price. You can get yours via the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign. Each belt has 2 years warranty upon purchase and you will be expected to get your recycled belts by September 2017.