Most of us dealing with laptop in our daily life. It’s lightweight, portable and allows to work at anywhere you go. Unlike desktop PC, laptop doesn’t built for comfortable ergonomic sitting position. People place it everywhere such as on the bed, floor, lap, etc. Thus, Long hours of keeping in hunching position may lead to back pain, neck crank or even a permanent damage to your body.

If your laptop desk is too low, you should consider to get yourself a laptop stand. It fixes your bad posture, make your workspace more comfortable and boost your productivity. Although market today offers a variety of stand for your laptop, but most of them are just too bulky, expensive, fragile or don’t looks nice.

The Ridge Stand

The Ridge Stand is a sleek stand for your Apple family product, including your Macbook, iPhone and iPad. Staring at your devices for hours at an incorrect angle and position can hurt your neck and back badly. This product keeps you in the right vertical levels and posture for the few hours to come, while you can focus more on your task less on the pain.

Made by aerospace aluminium, it’s lightweight and elegance to give you a sense of fashionable on your working desk. The stand can be folded up flat, and has a thoughtful built-in organiser for all your tangling messy wires. In addition, lifting your devices up, meaning a better airflow and potential drinks spillage off the base. The silicone pad on each stand offers an anti-slip properties on any flat surfaces.

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In this project, it comes in 3 main versions — The Ridge Stand+, The Ridge Stand Pro+ and The Ridge Stand Mini. The Ridge Stand Pro+ allows your laptop to stand vertically upright and able to lift the screen up to 20cm. It is wider and strong enough to hold a laptop firmly.

The Ridge Stand+ 
Net Weight: 0.26 Kg (0.59 lb)
Placement Weight: 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)

The Ridge Stand Pro+
Net Weight: 0.44 Kg (1 lb)
Placement Weight: 2.5 Kg (5.5 lbs)

The Ridge Stand Mini 
Net Weight: 0.07 (0.16 lb)
Placement Weight: –

While for The Ridge Stand+ and The Ridge Stand Mini are for iPad and iPhone, respectively. It enables all the stuff you already doing now workable on any occasions and a better piece of cake, such as watching videos, reading articles, chit-chating with friends, taking selfies, you name it.

Buy and Price

Each stands are now selling at $25, $49 and $65 respectively. They also offers a number of limited early bird packages at a discounted price, act fast before it’s finished via the link below to the Kickstarter page. This product is not available on Amazon and eBay.