Most people have been riding a bike at some point in their lives. Regardless for work, daily commute or go casual as a family biking sport in the late afternoon, cycling is fun. Like other aerobic activities, cycling certainly gives you lots of health benefits too, including reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and weight control. In addition, bicycling can easily fits into your daily routine and is suitable for all ages.

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On the other hand, some people see it as a sport. For example, mountain biking, racing, cross country cycling and free-riding. Unavoidably, sport may often cause big and small injuries. As cyclists roam through bumpy terrains, vibrations from riding over stones or potholes may lead to imbalance and exerting pressure to the lower back of your body. The shocks isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can make you falling from the bike as well as some health issues.

Here is a great and smart solution of 2017 to make your cycling experience better, and more comfortable.

Rinsten Spring – Bicycle Shock Absorber

Rinsten Spring is an adjustable bike spring designed underneath the saddle. Similar to the reasoning of car’s springs, it provides shocks absorbing ability so that you can ride over uneven terrains at the maximum comfortability. At the same time, it reduces the risk of getting shock-lead back pain, headache, numbness and white fingers. This item is great for elderly and kids who are more prone to the injuries.


Made of strong hardened steel G10700 in 8mm (diameter), Rinsten Spring is 0.9 lbs (392 grams) and is able to hold up to 485 lbs (220 Kg) of weight.

Taking a new approach to the old problem, Rinsten Spring gives you a smoother and pain-free in your butt while cycling. While bending your body (and pelvic) pedalling, shocks doesn’t only come vertical, but left and right sometimes. Therefore, this spring designs in such a way that to take-in pressure from left and right in three dimensions. It has been tasted on hundred of bikers across all sort of roads including tarmac, pave stone, gravel and hill path.

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Fun facts, an hour of cycling’s vibration is equivalent to half day work of a tractor.

For myriads of casual and professional bikes, Rinsten Spring able to fit into almost all type of bicycle in the market. It can be installed with a simple screwdriver in just 1 minute. Once installed, you can adjust the seat’s position (slightly back or front) for lesser or more vibrations. With that, you can adjust to (set at front) lean forward for uphill and backward for stress-free casual city-cycling experience.

Also, you will have 3 color options to fit your style — gold, silver and black.

Price and Warranty

Rinsten Spring is now on Kickstarter starts at only $25. If you would like to get one, check out the link below to their official Kickstarter page and get an early bird discount rate up to 50% off the future retail price.

For warranty, Rinsten is giving unconditional lifetime warranty with 30-days full money return with no question asked if you’re dissatisfied in anyway.

This product is not yet available on Amazon and eBay.