Police, the government officer to protect one’s rights, property and enforcing the law. My 6 year old boy ambitiously told me the reason of why he wants to become a cop. And he said that it’s to help maintaining social order and equality. Yes, even an underage boy knows the importance of safety and security.

On one hand, crimes and lawbreakers are everywhere. Even in a developed country like America, there are unavoidably a myriad number of robberies, murder cases and gang-related killings. Apart from the political reason, we understand that we can’t always stick around with our loved one all day long. So, how do we ensure the prioritised utmost safety of our kins?

What would you do if you have some trouble in the street, i guess will be calling the cops right? That’s exactly the “correct” way of how we taught to do, but its apparently not fast enough. Imagine you have a situation where you have to look for your phone in the dark, dial the emergency number and wait for the help. That’s not it, right?


Ripple is a small instant button to give you the ability to dial a quick emergency call to get you out from any uncomfortable/emergency situation. By configuring the app, you can set the quick clicks (once, twice, 3++) to request a call back from a team of trained specialists, direct sending police, fire service or ambulance to your location, and more.

To make you feel safe in every corner of the states, the team who already has your personal details and location will always provide support at the back. For instance, when you walking alone in the night-time parking lot, where you just need somebody to talk to you until you are safe, this product is going to be the perfect helping hand.


To carry out this project, Ripple collaborates with Tunstall who is a pioneer specialist in providing tele-healthcare product and services since 1957. Ripple works closely with the Tunstall team to give users a 24/7 professional rest-assured monitoring service.

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The App

Ripple App is available in App Store and Google Play. Via the app, you will need to provide your important personal detail such as your physical conditions, picture, medications, etc. It is to make sure no identity verification steps required when the real situation comes.

The Design & The Cons

The design is simple and intuitive. With the size of a penny and just 2 grams in weight, it is a small button with a brooch-clip to hook on key chain, handbag, wallet, clothing, etc. This little button does not require charging, the battery can last up to six months and they will replace a new one after that.

Also, it’s waterproof, so your never have to worry about water damage to this device. To make it work, you have to connect it to your smartphone bluetooth all the time which makes this button a little awkward. However, connecting to bluetooth means draining of your phone battery. For the signal to be sending out to the service centre, the internet and mobile app must always in connect which is another drawback.

For those who may have the habit of fidgeting, if any of their friends or playful kids by chance presses the buttons that triggers a dispatch of police/ambulance to your location, the consequences can be quite a big hassle.

Bottom Line

Overall, the idea is good. Ripple offers a real quick solution for personal safety by skipping the time-consuming verification steps (personal details and location), and make the emergency service better and more efficient.

However, the drawback is prominent. Beside of internet and bluetooth connectivity, the button itself is simple and not securely designed (press by somebody in accident). Further, the service requires subscription and only for US resident, which make it unfavourable to most of the people.