Wiggle your worm and bam she’s on it. Fishing is one of the most exciting recreation activity in town, especially for retired man. Bet your luck on it, people loves to enjoy the environment while waiting for the uncertainties happening on the other end of the line. On one hand, fishing is also a great way to improve the relationship with friends and family.

Back to those day, when i used to accompany my father to the ocean, lake and river to see him catching some big beasts. I knew that, the adrenaline rush is the real deal. While for me, I uses some long branches or twigs to make my own version of fishing rod, and that was super fun.

Recently in the market, i stumped across a cool toy fishing rod that shoot out a bobber with bait instead of casting. So, i decided to give it a try and bring it up here for you guys.

It’s called Rocket Fishing Rod, a fishing rod for kid.

Rocket Fishing Rod

Rocket fishing rod is a toy fishing rod for kid to catch a real fish. It looks just like a gun with cockable plastic bobber. Once its fired, it launches up to 30 feet away and the “rocket” opens up so that the bait and hook can drop precisely into the water.

In terms of design, it may not be able to compare to a real fishing rod, but its fun, lightweight and a cool gift for kids. Honestly, the rod looks quite fragile for adult, but the whole system is primarily made up by ABS material with patented design for outdoor uses. In compare to standard kid fishing rod, the rocket fishing rod is not so much of a hassle since it doesn’t need to do a fine-tune casting.

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It is easy to use, simply pumps, launches and reels for the real fish on bait.

Due to the strength limitation, this fishing rod is not suitable for ocean fishing, and is designed for catching small fishes. So, you probably have to bring your kids to lake, river or offshore to test out this rod.

Each rod comes with a mini-size reel, 1 bobber, 2 hook and line stops, 1 weight, instructions and 150 feet of 8-pound fishing line. Rocket fishing rod is now available in most of the big stores like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, etc. If you would like to learn more, below is the link to the Amazon where you can get more information about this product.