Back to those days, a notebook is just a plain notebook that has nothing to do with computer or laptop. A simple binded pen-and-paper notepad small enough to carry around, for note taking, sketching, ideas brainstorming, diaries, memoranda, etc. Unexceptionally almost everyone needs one, in fact, we use it since the moment we learnt to hold a pencil.

School girls jotted down their favourite band lyrics; collage graduates noted down some important criteria during interviews; Granny wrote down the cooking recipes. You probably wonder how many have you stored in your closet until the cleaning day on whim. You will find those years-old assignments, journals and logbooks, which have long completed their services will soon be wastefully destroyed, including all the “important” information that you spent hours recording.

Of all those painful paper cuts you have gone through, and every single chopped down trees, we have learned that — paper notebook does not last.

Is there a reusable pen-and-paper notebook that can be reused over and over again, while keeping all the information safety somewhere? The question is finally answered by technology.

The Everlast Notebook – by Rocketbook

Designed for the information age, The Everlast Notebook is a smart pen-and-paper notebook that can be reused endless of times. It is cloud connected where you can send those old unused notes to cloud, and wipe them away instantly and magically with just a few drops of water.

Similar to Rocketbook Wave, which we have previously passed a review on Rocketbook Wave with flying colors, it’s a microwave-to-erase notebook that amazingly raised more than one million on Indiegogo. As we have discussed on the other article about the company background, check out the link on above to learn more about their founders and company story overview. So, we will jump straight to the point here.

It pairs with Pilot FriXion pen, a special formulated classic pen with thermochromic ink that disappeared when heated. However unlike its counterpart, Everlast does not designed to withstand high temperature so heating is not recommended. It is made of waterproof synthetic polyester blend, where you can use a moist paper towel to wipe off the content perfectly with no old fainted ink.

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The book is now available in standard (8.5 x 11 inches) with 32 pages and executive size (6 x 8 inches) with 36 pages.

Before you flip over to the next page after you’ve written something, noted that there will be a 10-15 secs ink settling time until it’s permanently bonded to the paper. After that, rubbing with finger will not create ink smudge. If you left the note too long before you wiped it clean, Rocketbook suggests do not let the ink sits on notebook for more than 1 month so that to prevent any hard-to-clear faint ink residues. A good practice is periodically sending all the notes to the cloud after written down.

Download their free Rocketbook app on App Store and Google Play. Over the app, configure the destination of each symbols (7 total) to popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more. When you have finish writing the content, mark any of the 7 symbols located at the bottom of each page, and scan the pages with Rocketbook app to auto-capture the image. Once finished saving, you can then mop the ink away with moist paper towel and start anew.

If you need extra Pilot FriXion pen, or replacement, you can always get it from Amazon, or via the link here. The Everlast Notebook is now available on Kickstarter for $34, check out the link below for more.