Tunic, tracksuit jacket, fleece jacket and sports jacket are the garment for upper body. We have so many types of jackets that i often lost the count, whether classy or modern. Generally, a jacket refers to a less insulating outwear with sleeves.

Shorter than coats, jackets usually serves as a protective clothing where to keep you warm and comfortable for casual use. Most of the branded jackets are made of good and long lasting material, so instead of quality issues, what’s the problem behind a jacket and why not everyone using it?

As a guy myself, i love to wear jacket for different reasons, such as going to a colder place or just for fashion. But most of the jackets are thick, heavy and bulky, so when you’re going to a hotter place, you will feel the overwhelming heat right beneath your jacket, or even worse, sweating. Plus, keeping your jacket gives you another problem, it’s hardly fit into your bag so you’ll have to carry it.

A couple of years ago, a self drying jacket SDJ-01 has been introduced by Falyon Wearable Tech. And they’re back this year with an improved version of the first, plus some useful features.

SDJ-02: Self Drying Jacket + Climate Control + USB Charging


SDJ-02 is the upgraded version of the SDJ-01 self drying jacket. By pressing the on/off buttons for heating, cooling or drying mode, the jacket inflates itself within seconds to make you feel comfortable on-the-go. In addition, SDJ-02 added a feature of an in-built 6000 mAh power bank for phones or tablet charging.


Made of polyester fibres as synthetic heat insulation, SDJ is ideally not comparable to a heated jacket (better heat insulation), but instead, puff off a quick blast of warm/cool air to make you feel just right. The design of this jacket is simple and casual, not really fashionable, but sure is handy. To fit your style, SDJ comes in 3 colour schemes — metallic silver, charcoal black, and “back to future” special edition.

Made of water resistant and breathable nylon fabric, even if you get wet by chance (drink, etc.), it’ll dry off quickly in just a few seconds of air blowing.

Pocket and Compartment

Two front pockets allow you to keep small item within your reach. While the hand pocket for you to slip-in your hand for maximum heating comfort. Inside of the jacket, SDJ offers a 7”x 3.5” pocket for smartphone and a 12”x 9” pocket for tablet or phablet. Also, there’s a pocket dedicated for pen/stylus.

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Climate Control

SDJ comes in 3 modes — heating, cooling and drying mode. The retro-style buttons is located on the lower right of your jacket’s front, once pressed, it light up indicating the process is running. The air is then drawing-in from both air amplifier vents located on lower left and right of jacket’s side. Soon after, the jacket puff up for a few seconds and releases via the exhaust vents (at collar).

To maximise the comfortability, SDJ has 3 heating pads — two at front hand pockets, and one at the back.

Battery for phones

Carrying an extra power bank is a hassle. This jacket built with a 6000 mAh battery for an extra boost to your phone or tablet, on-the-go. Although the battery capacity is not big, but is enough to fully charge up your smartphone (2000-3000 mAh) for about 2-3 times.

Price and Discount

This improved version of self-drying jacket is expected to retail at $189. It’s now on Kickstarter starts at only $169, if you’re interested, feel free to check the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign page.