Enjoy A Brand New Way of Content Evaluation from the team over at SEM Rush. These guys sure do continue to develop their excellent inbound marketing tool – SEM Rush. The competition between SEMRush and Ahref is fierce, and this is good news for all us (current and potential clients) – Both of them add new features and tools quite often, and the quality is just superior to anything else out there.

Now long ago, we got a new Keyword Explore tool from the Ahrefs team – today, we are getting access to a new Content tool from SEM Rush. But what exactly is this new content tool?

Here is what SEM Rush had to say about it;


Awesome news, Content tool has gone open beta!

Our new tool will help you evaluate how well your texts, blogs and articles placed on other websites are engaging readers and interacting with other sites and search engines.

It’s no problem to check the popularity and readability of your content posted on your own resources. At the same time, when you post something on another website, you face a lack of analytical information.

To estimate the quality of your content, you can use the following metrics: keywords, shares and backlinks – find them all at the top.

Use the ‘Add URL’ button to add a new link to the content you’d like to track. Sort your URLs by tag, resource or author by using our handy filters.

All links that you add are clickable. Clicking on them will take you to detailed reports showing daily trends.

To help you better understand the Content tool and to allow you to try out all of its features, by default, your campaign will contain sample data collected on a few demo URLs. You can add your own URLs to this campaign. Demo URLs can be deleted at any time.

To start working with the new tool, go to SEMrush Projects. If you already have at least one active project running, you’ll notice a new block on the Projects panel: ‘Content tool’. Then, all you need to do is to click the ‘Try demo’ button.

If you’re new to SEMrush Projects and need help getting started, check out this article.

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Yours truly,

The SEMrush Team

Good stuff! As I just got this information, I simply haven’t had time to play around with this yet, but you can be sure I will. Once I have done that, I will make sure to keep you all in the loop as to what I think about it.

If you have been a beta tester of the new Content Tool over at SEM Rush, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Drop a note below and let us know.