The team over at SEO PowerSuite has posted a nice infographic styled review of 2016. It combines facts, fun and some gratitude to all SEO PowerSuite users out there – and there are a lot of them! I’m one of them. One particular reason I enjoy using SEO PowerSuite is that it is a desktop app, and it functions perfectly on mac as well as windows. I like the idea of keeping this kind of data private and with SEO PowerSuite, I know it is.

Here is what the team over at SEO PowerSuite has to say about it:

Jakob, it’s almost New Year’s!

I hope 2016 was a fun and fulfilling year for you. It definitely was for the SEO PowerSuite team – and for that, we’d like to thank you.

Because of a community of users like you, your support and feedback, 2016 was our busiest and most rewarding year yet. To celebrate, we put up an SEO PowerSuite Year in Review (in a… Sweater!).

We are happy to be kicking off 2017 with you, and we wish you the happiest New Year of all. You’re the very best, Jakob – be sure to keep that up! 😉
SEO PowerSuite’s 2016 in Review
See what you helped us achieve this year

Note the idea on their logo looking very similar to that of Microsoft? 😀