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Swiss watch making has evolved into the finest, iPhone & Android capable, smart watch in the world. Adrian Buchmann is the designer of Sequent. 20 years of research and development have gone into the Sequent prototype. Sequent is the dawn of a new era in smart watch technology.

Sequent creates 100% clean energy. Sequent solves the battery crises other smart watches possess. It is powered by how much you move. Sequent has a simplistic modern and luxurious design making it a great buy for anyone looking for both fashion and function. Sequent’s features are the latest generation Heart Rate monitor and GPS capabilities, water resistant to 50m, infinite kinetic power, Bluetooth 4.2 sync, step counter, accelerometer, biofeedback tracking, and notifications.

Watch this cinematic presentation of Sequent: to see the true expression of what Sequent could look like in your lifestyle.

Transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy is the draw of having a Sequent smart watch. No more charging cables and cords or batteries with which to concern yourself. Another smart watch found on boasts a battery life of 15 days. With the sequent, the more you move, the more electrical energy you generate to power your Sequent smart watch.