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Ever since being founded in 1993, the Serengeti Tea Company has been providing the highest quality products in the brewed beverage industry from their tireless work to constantly improve – they only use the best of ingredients in their blends, ones that come from various regions across the world. The Serengeti Tea Company also strives to please even the most most demanding consumer as they change the way the world experiences teas and coffee with their new line of coffee and tea sticks.

The Serengeti Tea Company’s coffee and tea sticks combine the perfect balance of convenience, quality, and style as each stick:

Is comprised of only all natural flavors and ingredients that follow the FDA’s guidelines

Is made in the U.S. in an extremely sanitary environment

Can work as a stir stick as well, eliminating the requirement or necessity for wringing or a spoon

Has been made expertly and with care so it contains no dust

Is packaged in an aroma barrier wrap for the most freshness possible

The Serengeti Tea Company’s Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is composed with the pure ingredients of ground coffee and freeze-dried coffee. The range on the east of Jamaica’s island, the Blue Mountains, have been growing the best coffee for two centuries as their weather conditions are misty and cool, with volcanic soil, plentiful rains, and an elevation of almost 5,000 feet. The Serengeti Tea Company uses only the purest, finest Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for this blend, guiding it through a state-of-the-art freeze-drying machine to put together the coffee granules for this delicious, hybrid blend of instant brew coffee.

The Serengeti Tea Company’s Sunset Roast, another blend from the line of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, is manufactured in Gardens, California, in the U.S. The Sunset Roast has a muted acidity, graceful sweetness, tempting flavor, and a distinct yet gentle caramel finish.

The Serengeti Tea Company created what is called a “floating cup”, which is a uniquely made insulation to keep skin safe from hot coffee or tea while keeping in just enough heat for a better experience.

The Serengeti Tea Company also has a tea and coffee collection rack for display on countertops or tables, the chrome design not only allowing for 8 Serengeti teas or coffees but with small enough size to fit where space is tight.