Ken McKaba created the ShelfPack after dreaming up his ideas for a new approach and design to luggage while he was on a lengthy business trip, as he dug and dug through his luggage day after day to find what he needed. Ken McKaba envisioned shelves as part of the ShelfPack to make the contents of the luggage easier to view. The shelves cut down on time it takes to locate one’s essential items that can be buried under layers of clothes.

What Makes ShelfPack Different The regular Luggage?

As a historical note, there have not been any significant innovations in luggage design since rollers were added in the 1980’s. ShelfPack is a novel invention based on the fact that their luggage comes with collapsible shelves that are also durable and dependable for finding what you need without endless searching for that essential item that you brought along as part of your travels.

Here are some important selling points with the ShelfPack:

Contains Four Built-in Shelves.
Shelves Reach 42 inches in Height When Opened.
Dimensions: 28’x18’x14’.
Shelves drop into suitcase base.
Three large outer pocket compartments provide extra space.
Retractable supports provide stability.
Comes with retractable trolley handle for handling.
Ball-bearing wheels make for easy gliding.
What Are The Specifications and Dimension of the ShelfPack?

The 26″ ShelfPack case has some large dimensions of 6,734 cubic inches or (110,350 cubic cm) of space. The total weight of the ShelfPack is approximately 14.5lbs (6.57 kg).

What Kinds of Warranties Doe ShelfPack Have?

The ShelfPack Limited lifetime warranty covers the workmanship and also any key materials against any defects for the entire life of ShelfPack. During the ShelfPack’s warranty period, if the company’s warranty covers it, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Contents of your bag, normal wear and tear, cosmetic wear and tear or abuse get excluded.

The ShelfPack also won an award for the best new product of the year. McKaba’s ShelfPack has been featured in the, The Oprah Magazine,,, and other publications that have reviewed Ken McKaba’s product.

With its genius design and ability to fit the need of travelers who need a carrying case with much-needed storage shelves included, the ShelPack is a truly incredible idea brought to fruition.

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