Smaller than the palm of your hand, the Streamcam Wearable Camera is the perfect gadget for those who want to capture life as it happens. This powerful device lets you record up to two hours of video and store it in the cloud, via LTE or wifi, or even post it to Youtube or stream it in real-time on Facebook Live.

clip Streamcam on and you are good to go

With a 120-degree wide angle + 720 or 1080 pixel video, no detail will be missed. Simply clip it to your clothes, backpack or bike and tap two fingers on the device and you’re ready to start recording events, your daily ride to work or even would-be assailants, should the need arise. It’s also waterproof and durable enough to handle any kind of weather.

You can make this clever device distinctly yours with a variety of color combinations. The recording light can also be turned off for more discrete recording action. Likewise, features like recording destination, video resolution, encryption, sound alert and others are also customizable to suit your specific recording needs.

With an 8GB memory card included and expandable microSD, you’ll always have the memory you need to video record the world around you with the click of a button.