As an internet webmaster, choosing a right web hosting service is like choosing the right weapon for a warrior. The better you get, the better your performance will be. I have been using a few of other web hosting services for a while now, so far, Siteground hosting service is the most satisfying service i’ve ever used. First off, I’ve used Hostgator hosting and GoDaddy hosting before switching to Siteground’s, i am living in Asia country which often experience slow loading speed and server down issue once in a while. Therefore, the hosting i chose must have servers located in Asia, if better, all over the world.

Unlike other review article which just give you stars ratings, today I’m gonna tell a true story about my experience with the follow hosting services.

My experience with Hostgator web hosting 

Some of the other services (such as Hostgator) focus their services mainly on USA and European countries. Take Hostgator as an example, about one year ago, i signed up to one of their plan via the Hostgator server provider from Singapore, which is great since i’m staying in Malaysia. But weirdly, the nearest custormer support i could get is from India’s. Aside of slow loading speed (~10 sec), their international support do not speak a good English which make it quite hard to communicate about my problem, in addition, lack of professionalism when handling my tickets.

Eventually, for some reasons, they had their servers in Singapore moved to HongKong without really guiding me about the other service. Since then, i took a long time to learn and familiar myself on this issue. In overall, the experience is not good nor bad, their user interface is not feature-rich, but sufficient for normal use.

My experience with GoDaddy web hosting

In compare to Hostgator, GoDaddy web hosting is far worse than Hostgator’s. Maybe they’re good in selling domain, auction and stuff, but definitely not on hosting service. Everything started after i purchased a domain from GoDaddy and would like to give their hosting service a try for good. But the outcome turned out the other way round, i signed up for their “Managed WordPress hosting” at a insanely low price with a discount coupon. The first 2-3 month was good, one thing to point out is the extremely slow loading speed (10 – 20 sec) from Malaysia here. When i decided to do something about my site, i tried to install a premium theme on it, but somehow it doesn’t work and giving errors, at a point that i was unable to access to my admin panel anymore. I reached to their customer service and since it’s Manage WordPress, no cpanel access but only SFTP, therefore i do some work in there and “da da” it comes back alive. But i still trying to install the theme, i talked to theme developer so that to figure a way out.

At the end of the day, it’s the php version that stop the theme to function properly. The truth is the GoDaddy Manage WordPress system is still using php 5.4 version that release about 10 years ago, it’s so outdated that everyone is using php version 7 now. While users aren’t allow to upgrade by themselves (no access to cpanel). And yet, most of the premium themes only works on the newer versions. That is what they don’t tell you until you’ve done the payment.

Eventually, i’ve given up and uses a free theme instead. And everything was working fine, except that the slow loading speed is still my main concern. One way to improve speed is by using caches, however they don’t allow us to use cache service or cache plugins in manage wordpress (in fact, it shows “unavailable” before i even tried to install). After about 2 months later working on the site, i experience another issue that really hits my boiling point — A “pageok” error, this is due to the IP address improperly configured on the domain. First of all, i do not have any idea about this issue nor trying to change the IP address by myself. If you do a quick google search on “pageok” right now, guess what? you will only see “Godaddy” from the whole long list of the first page of google result. You know what I’m saying.

For those who don’t know “pageok”, it’s a random error that shows on some, if not, all of your website pages whenever a person try to open a link to your page. The result is my site’s traffic hurt badly by this, and my page clicks dropped significantly by half throughout the month. Since then, I have decided to make my move as a last retort in my mind.

Yes, i later switched to my current hosting provider (SiteGround) about 2 months now, everything is working just fine. Last thing i want to talk about GoDaddy hosting is that, they do provide customer support, but is only via phone call (rare via live chat — not available most of the time). Which is not a great thing as most entrepreneurs prefer quick, comfortable and convenient live chat support.

My experience with SiteGround web hosting

Before i make up my mind, there are several hosting options suggested by others. After i’ve done some researches and comparison in terms of price, services, support, features and technical issues, I eventually get down my feet with SiteGround hosting. The first thing that impresses me is the customer support system. From the previous hosting providers, i need to wait for at least 10-30 mins in average before i get somebody to serve me. But in SiteGround, it always took less than 5 mins, or sometime, immediate response from the other end. I felt more secure and rest assure in case i need some technical supports from the pros.

Their price plan is reasonable, slightly higher than my previous but worth it, they always have lots of attractive promotional plans throughout the years while users able to save up to 80% from regular pricing. Also, once you get signed up, you will get lots of freebies too, such as premium backup service, Encrypt SSL, Dedicated IP, premium support, etc. One notably, they organised the user panel neat and tidy, and therefore you can navigate to different categories quite easily.

By now, I solve the previous “pageok” problem in just 2 days. I contacted their support and they helped me in transferring my site to their server, while i just provide them some related infos, and now the site is up and running with no loading speed or php issues.

Below is the affiliate link to their special offer page, but don’t get me wrong, i am doing this because i really have a positive experience with them, and would like to recommend to any of you who may have similar issues. Anyway, “my website” that i always mentioned above is actually the site that you’re visiting right now —

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