• drive safer
  • futuristic and cool


  • still in development

Final Verdict

It's futuristic and cool - No doubt about that! The downside is that you can't buy it (yet).

Texting and driving a dangerous thing. You can’t be fumbling with your phone while out on the road no matter how important a reply might be. That’s why the SkyScreen HUD is there to take the danger out of using your phone and keep your eyes on the road.

skyscreen - modern navigation and communication 

The SkyScreen is a specially designed Heads-Up Display projected onto the windshield of your car via a transparent gel piece rolled on like a sticker. Flexible and easy to use, the SkyScreen comes with several preinstalled apps to help you navigate and communicate safely while on the road.

Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, you can use your phone hands-free while you drive, controllable with 3D gesture recognition technology. It can even monitor the status of your car, such as your current speed and position (and now that we are at, make sure to have a look at tribotex to take youe car to new levels). When powered on, the SkyScreen creates a realistic, fully lit display across the area of your windshield it’s attached to, but returns to being completely transparent once you turn it off.