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New ‘Slide’ Wallet Offers Sleek and Stylish Design
A wallet is a convenient accessory in which you can store credit cards, debit cards, cash, your driver’s license, photos and more. The problem with traditional wallets, however, is their large and bulky size. Thankfully, there’s now an alternative: the Slide.

Overview of the Slide
Developed by Sam Andrews, the Slide is a minimal bi-fold wallet that’s being funded through Kickstarter. While there are countless other wallets on the market, the Slide excels in its simple design and efficient use of space.

The Slide is made of full-grain Italian leather and comes in several color options, including blue, brown, tan and black. It also features a coin compartment for storing loose change.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Slide, however, is its slide slots, which allow you to slide out your cards in a staggered formation. Rather than flipping through all of your cards, you can see all of them at once by pulling the slide.

Carrying Capacity
So, how many bills and cards can the Slide hold? With its super-slim design, the Slide holds up to 20 bills, 15 cards and 10 coins. For the average man, that’s more than enough storage space.

Of course, the Slide is just one of many wallets from which to choose. Another trending wallet is the Cascade, which uses a similar staggered card formation as its Slide counterpart.