While there are certainly no shortage of planning apps and tools on the market, the challenge is always the same: creating a robust program that can cover a wide variety of needs with a slim, easy-to-use interface. Finding a personal planning app is one thing, finding one that an entire team can use fluidly and seamlessly is another. SlimPlanner is that tool.

Whether you personally wear a wide variety of hats that you are constantly juggling or whether you have a team spread across the globe, SlimPlanner can keep everything flowing smoothly and everyone on the same page. With SlimPlanner you manage both your business and personal tasks in one beautiful, seamless, easy-to-use interface, or quickly see which of your team members are busy and who is available to meet with a new client.

You can quickly and easily add, move and delete events with just a single click or quickly create a repeating event. Block off or schedule a 10-minute appointment or several hours over the course of a week or weekend. When scheduling, you can also choose a number of different ways to sort or view schedules and activities. You can sort by resources, activities, customers, employees or location. No matter what type of business you run or what types of planning you need to do, SlimPlanner helps you create a custom system that is just right for you.

Need to assign your kids chores each week or divide up routine administrative tasks between employees? SlimPlanner allows you to create and assign as many tasks as you need to for all types of activities. If things change and you need to reassign tasks, you can quickly and easily accomplish it with just a few clicks.

Aside from being quick and easy to use, SlimPlanner is also designed to be fun. While color coding can certainly help you stay more organized, it also creates a beautiful, vibrant task manager that is more than just merely functional. At the same time, it’s also simple and minimalistic, which keeps you from having to spend hours learning to use a new product or tool.

Slim planner also keeps all of your data safe and password protected with SSL encryption. Even the Google App Engine provides an added level of protection as a secure and respected hosting provider. Individuals and small businesses can use the SlimPlanner for free and Pro and Premium plans are available for a very low cost. No matter what size of business you run or what type of plan you need, you can try them all for free for 30 days.

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