Do i look fat?

Why do people criticises fat people? Overweight, or fat, is commonly relate to unhealthy and laziness. While being mocked is hurtful, but it held the truth of the importance of healthy lifestyle. As for me, a fat little boy decades ago, know that very well.

In reality, women seems to be more concerning about their physical appearance than men do. They’ve got themselves regular exercise, strict dieting plan, and even spending on healthy food. Dreaming about the perfect body, therefore women never stop.

On one hand, tracking your body development progress is helpful and encouraging. You can know your body well, see the growth, avoid certain food and track your health info.

With the old fashion scale you can’t do much, but only the weight.

Nowadays, you can find lots of cool digital scale or smart body analyser in the market. Syncing to your smartphone, you can have a glance over the past weeks or months of activity history. For today, we are going to go through few of the Amazon smart body analysers with their good and bad, design, functionality and buyer reviews. Also the star rating (the higher the better), so that you can have a better idea before you make your purchase decision.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Review

Withings, a Franch consumer electronic company that sells smart technology product across a variety of categories, including activity tracking watch, wireless blood pressure monitor, smart thermometer, smart sleep system and more. The reason of adding Withings body analyser in the list is because of, firstly the brand, secondly the reviews. It’s by far received one of the best-seller with (4135) reviews from the buyers in Amazon Body Composition Monitor catagory, but not necessarily the best.

The Good: 

Very impressive mobile app with beautiful display of your body’s stats. The app shows in graph of your weight, body fat, heart rate and environmental data (air quality).

Once you’re done with your daily measurement, it automatically upload to your mobile app (iOS and Android) and you can check it on your phone anytime you want.

Partner with MyFitnessPal, you can check, track and compare your daily calories intake.

Weather & temperature forecast.

Allows to create up to 8 users for each member of your family.

Pair with Apple Watch and Apple Health, and 160+ other partnered apps.

The Bad:

Expensive. In compare to others smart scale that usually less than $50, Withings scale is relatively pricy.

Some reported the setup and smartphone pairing issues.

This smart scale received 3.7/5 stars of total reviews, which is poor in compare to the similar product. According to recent reviews, buyers are mainly criticises on their poor performance and lack of customer supports. Some other reviewers also pointed out their inconsistent measurement and software issues.

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1Byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale Review

If you would like to get an affordable and useful smart scale in urge, i’d recommend you this one. By 1Byone Products Inc, an Amazon seller had their website syncs to Amazon’s product page for every products they owned. Most of their products have an average 4/5 stars, reflecting its quality and the buyers satisfactory. For their smart scale, despite of only 649 reviews, but is the #1 best sellers in Amazon Body Composition Monitor category.

The Good: 

Affordable price and feature rich — price wise.

Smart step-on technology, no switch-on or tapping needed. You will then get an instant readout.

Accurate reading — equipped with 4 Sensors. Proven by consistent positive experience by recent buyers.

No setup needed.

Track of health and 8 body composition — weight, fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat.

Allows to create up to 10 users.

The Bad:

Obsolete app interface and functions.

Little complaints about accuracy.

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Yunmai Color Smart Scale Review

Yunmai is a company dedicated for their flagship smart scale. The price falls between the Withings’s and 1Byone’s smart scale, which is considering reasonable and acceptable. In terms of app and features, this scale provides measurement of body composition like 1Byone, but their app interface is much better and modern. This scale has received an excellent 4.5/5 star reviews in Amazon (check via the link below) from a total of 1277 reviews from buyers. Lastly, the company has so much faith in this product by giving 5 years warranty off every purchase. Probably one of the best smart scale out in the market.

The Good: 

10 body composition analysis — Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Water, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMR,BMI, Protein, Body Age.

Easy Tracking — Automatic syncing data to your smartphone every-time after the measure.

No Setup needed.

Allows up to 16 users tracking and managing.

5-year warranty.

Partner with fitness apps, including Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

The Bad:

Little complaints (4%) about problem syncing with the apps, data transfer and minor accuracy issues.

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That’s the list of top analysers in my opinion, i hope you find some ideas after reading. Certainly, there’re lots of similar, cheaper or better smart scale/smart body analysers in the market. But after comparing on all the factors, we have decided to put these 3 in the list.

If you have any ideas, a better scale, or owned one or two of any of these before, feel free to share your view and opinion on the comment sections below.