Sci-Fi books and futuristic movies have been hinting at the possibility of a smart mirror for quite a while. With the recent boom of the smartphone, this reality seemed closer with each passing year. The technology seemed to be available, yet the only thing missing was application.

smart mirror - the next step in the smart technology space

German engineers at Mues-Tec have been working on their version of a Smart Mirror over the past few years. In fact, the Smart Mirror was revealed to the public at two technology shows in both Frankfurt and Hannover. The reception was enthusiastic and hopeful. Now, the company has finally made the Smart Mirror public.

At first glance, the Smart Mirror appears to be yet another sleek, modern mirror. However, a quick push of a button will reveal the most intuitive and interactive mirror to date.

The Smart Mirror is built with a high definition camera and built-in microphone. The high resolution camera can be easily toggled on and off for privacy concerns. These two features plus the touch screen capabilities make the Smart Mirror compatible with a host of common applications.

Mues-Tec has designed the Smart Mirror to work seamlessly with internet applications in order to provide timely information. Similar to modern smartphones, users are able to customize their dashboard in order to include all applications of interest.

smart mirror

The Smart Mirror has been designed to run with the Android 6 operating system. This ensures that users can access weather, emails, news stories and more without problems. In order to truly capture the name Smart Mirror, the engineers at Mues-Tec designed this mirror to operate without a remote, keyboard or stylus.

The Smart Mirror is completely touch screen operated and functions much like a typical smartphone. When the Smart Mirror is turned off, it functions as a modern and aesthetic mirror. The screen is completely unnoticeable when turned off, making the Smart Mirror only visible when in use.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Smart Mirror is the device’s effortless ability to blend in to any surrounding. Available in three different sizes, the Smart Mirror is the perfect addition to any room or living space.

Mues-Tec designed the Smart Mirror for easy use and installation. After hanging the mirror on a wall and pressing on, the Smart Mirror is ready to go. This gadget functions with WiFi, Bluetooth and even has a built-in microphone making communication a breeze. These functions and more truly earn this gadget the name Smart Mirror.