I recently posted about the latest deal from the team over at appsumo, giving you a chance to grab one years free access to the awesome new online image editor snappa. ​Another mail from the very same team pointed me in the direction of yet another new (to me) social media (semi) automation tool – Promo Republic.

I do understand the need and demand for social media automation, but I am surprised with the amount of new tools and services that continue to hit the market – specially in that many of them seemingly focus on very similar features. I guess everyone is hooked on this business model, after seeing the successful journey buffer is on.

​Buffer, hootsuite, jarvis, agora pulse, social oomph, every post, sprout social, tweepi. socedo, socialflow, and on and on… There is an endless stream of new tools to help you with social media automation. I have played around with a bunch of them, including buffer, buzzbundle, meetedgar, and a couple of other ones, but I always end up going back to my trusted tweetbot (which is basically just a nice twitter skin – no automation here).

I do agree there are some advantages to social media automation but I think in the end it really comes down to quality vs. quantity – you can do more of the latter with automation tools but you lose out on the quality.​