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Geared for children ages four through eight years old, this Box is a combination of extraordinary and innovative activities, games, storybooks, cards, and puzzles that are presented by Get Qurious and their FREE Augmented Reality App.

Manu and his good friends, Emma and Leo, blast off into space together and have fun adventures that appear to come to life. The children can create and combine scenes in an interactive world with physical game pieces, which encourages imaginative play and curiosity. The children are able to make up their own stories with 16 Build a Story Cards, build spaceships with 16 Build a Spaceship Cards, then be able to maneuver them in 3D space animations, and discover a large number of hidden artifacts in four brilliant 3D animated Treasure Hunt space worlds.

Build a Story allows multiple variations to the tales by choosing a different space ship, planet, characters, and ‘problem’ cards each time. When completed, the children then listen to or read along as the tale is told and at the same time learn about helping others on the imaginary space journeys.

Build a Space Ship means choosing from four different cards for building many variations of their customized spaceship, scan it with the corresponding App, and blast off into space!

Mask Play is role-playing that provides many creative hours of interaction as children put on a variety of masks, record their own voices, and play them back using an audio-mixer that creates silly-sounding variations of their voices!

Treasure Hunt 3D Game gives the children a chance to play together as they search for numerous fantasy artifacts that are hidden in the four planetary worlds. They move the mobile device around in a circle and explore the colorful planets from various angles.