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EZSTAX is a revolutionary and innovative space-saving way to stay organized using interlocking dividers that are placed between each item to make them all neat, accessible, and much easier to get to. You can pull an item from the middle without messing up the stack. The dividers are connected in the back, do not move out of place, and keep the remaining items in place while continuing to separate stacked items from each other.

EZSTAX Regular are approximately 13.5″ x 11.5″ x 2″ high and are ideal for use in standard dressers, closets, carry on luggage, and for filing letter-sized and A4-sized papers. EZSTAX Small are approximately 12.3″ x 9.9″ x 2″ high and are perfect for smaller items or smaller spaces.

Made of rPET 100 percent recycled materials, EZSTAX is manufactured in the United States. In packs of 20, 40, 60, 100, and 300, they have a fixed rate shipping of only $7.00. The packs can be shipped outside the USA for an additional charge, or you can contact EZSTAX distributors and retailers around the world.

CLOTHING: Stack pants, shirts, and anything that folds to less than two inches in height. Busy parents can create a complete week’s outfits for their children to save themselves time or when the children can dress themselves.

LAUNDRY: Fold right on the board, then organize into neat piles, leaving the items right on the EZSTAX, which then goes to the closet or drawers.

LUGGAGE: Keep your clothes from wrinkling and bunching by pulling a desired item from anywhere in the middle without disturbing the other contents. You wouldn’t even have to unpack!

OFFICE: This is like having an infinite number of shelves, an expanding file folder, or a letter tray organizer, but which only takes up as much room as the papers, mail, bills, or coupons placed on them. Spread out the items on the dividers any time you want to review them and then easily stack them back.

CRAFTS: Organize, sort, and store fabrics, art supplies, scrapbooking and card making items, and more.

AN IDEAL GIFT: These can solve gift giving to college students, children, the elderly, frequent travelers, or someone with a home office.

The husband and wife team, Joe and Sami Kuipers, that runs EZSTAX LLC in Sarasota, Florida, and online, designs the highest levels of useful quality products that make people’s lives easier.